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Establishment of a General Partnership through the One Stop Service

Basic information

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This procedure pertains to the establishment of a General Partnership (OE) and is processed online through the filling in of the relevant fields in the digital One Stop Service (e-YMΣ).

At a glance

Points of ServiceAvailable only digitally
Digital provision points
Number of DocumentsNot Available
Cost~ 15
Process Diagram


Business formation (individual, corporate) *For company establishment see the link below

Submission of electronic application through the digital One Stop Service (e-ΥΜΣ) service. Filling-in data in the digital One Stop Service (e-ΥΜΣ) information system is considered equivalent to submitting a Solemn Declaration of article 8 of Law 1599/1986.

Legal capacity of the interested party / parties

Active Greek Tax Registration Number (AFM) of the interested party / parties

Residence Permit if the applicant(s) come from a third country and wish to reside in Greece or if they wish to participate as general partners

Use of model statutes (templates) as prescribed in art.9 of Law 4441/2016

The preparation of a notarial document should not be required by special provisions.

Fees / Imposts

  • Administrative fee in favour of the State (e-paravolo)
    Fee code
    e-Administrative Fee

What you will need

  • Electronic application through the digital e-YMS service.
    Filed by
    Submitted by the applicant (digital)
    The completion of data in the information system of e-YMS is the position of a responsible statement of article 8 of law 1599/1986
    Applicant status


  • Description
    Regarding the use of Article of Associations Template. Amendments: - Law 4251/2014 (GG 80/Α) – Residence permit - MD 11026/19.2.2020 (GG 491/Β) – replacing MD 31637/2017 - MD 107766/12-10-2018 (GG 4925/Β) - amending MD 31637/2017 - Law 4072/2012 (GG 86/Α), as amended and still in force – On General Partnership Companies
  • Description
    Digital One Stop Service (e-ΥΜΣ), procedure. Article of Associations Template (provision). Amendments: - JMD 63577/2018 (GG 2380/Β) – Δ. Obligations of Interested Parties regarding the Establishment of a Company via e-ΥΜΣ (procedure) - Law 4497/2017 (GG 171/Α), article 109 par.2 – addition of a special case (case δ: Electronic signature of the Article of Associations template


Process code
NACE code
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Business and other management consultancy activities

Other Information

Languages supported
Ways of provision
Application (digital)


Νo uploading of any document or file in pdf, word, or other form is required.

ID: 901750

Name: Establishment of a General Partnership through the One Stop Service