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What is EUGO

The Greek Point of Single Contact (PSC) is the central point of contact for the European citizen or company that wishes to provide its services in Greece, either through physical installation or across borders.

It provides complete information on the procedures to be followed, the applications to be made to the competent bodies, the possible cost of these procedures (in the form of fees or other fees) as well as the relevant legislation.

It is part of the ecosystem of the Unified Citizen Service Center and provides the user with the opportunity to be informed about the procedures he needs to do to establish a business in Greece or if it is a cross-border provision of his services, what are the corresponding procedures.

In the immediate future, the European citizen will be able to complete the procedures entirely online and from one point without the need for his physical presence in a Government Service.

The Hellenic Single Service Portal is also part of the EUGO network of Points of Single Contact (PSCs) of the European Commission and is an important partner in fulfilling the purpose of creating a Single European Market.

This network can be used by companies (or citizens) wishing to operate in other EU member states, so, for example, a Greek company wishing to provide services in Germany can contact the relevant PSC in Germany and a German company wishing to operate in Greece, to use this Service Center.

How to use the Portal

    • Search by keywords related to the process you are looking for. Enter the word or part of it and a list of procedures containing it will appear

    • Search by domains that a process belongs to. Select the financial sector you want to be active in and the related procedures will appear.

Information provided for each process

The information provided for each procedure is complete as to the steps to be followed by the citizen or company wishing to operate in Greece and concerning the body or bodies that are responsible, description of the process, supporting documents required, conditions (administrative , legal or other), the legislation governing the procedure, the steps required, useful links, etc.